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Where the is great love…

Kathy recently got her hands on a copy of the paperback version of He’s Just Not That Into You.  Which opens up a lot of issues, decodes a lot of excuses, and gives the ladies a pretty good insight on the bullshit that men like to feed us.  Which…makes this world such a depressing place.

I loved the movie. Jennifer, Jennier and Ginnifer (that’d be Aniston, Connelly and Goodwin, respectively) were great.  Couldn’t help but love Justin Long a little after the movie.  But the movie itself was pretty depressing.  Most people can own up to having been in one or two of those situations…getting fed bullshit about not believing in marriage and what they had was better than some marriages…being lied to and cheated on….or pining for some guy and misreading every signal…

Well guess who’s been in all three situations.
Guess who’s currently in one of those situations *rolls eyes*

AND I KNOW IT! but can’t help it. echo, you retard.

but oh well.  being able to love is a gift.  whether the other person is smart enough to know that this probably would be the best thing that’d ever happen to him…that’s out of my hands.


…there are always miracles.

– Willa Cather


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my own brand of happy.

i met up with two old friends today. seems like this trip has been full of hello’s.  i rather enjoy that, i think. there’s nothing quite so…happifying…as a hug and hello from people that you’ve managed to keep in touch with over the years.  it’s always a pleasant surprise to me, especially in the age of cyber everything. to meet up with someone for a coffee.

especially someone you’ve never really actually hung out with…for them to take the time to come out to see you. and then wish you a happy birthday.

it’s hard not to be happy when life is so full of love.

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One of my best friends and I went through the same kind of heartbreak a couple years back. In a sense, she had in worse, because she was lied to by the guy she trusted her heart with. On the other hand, she has it better because she has reason to just forget about him, rather than still really not understanding what went wrong like me.

When she cried, she called me.
And when I needed to cry, she’d be the one I turned to.

She met a new guy 2 years back. He’s really nothing like her last boyfriend. He’s silly, immature at times…but he regularly takes care of her, thinks of her well being first, teaches her new things, shares with her his life.    Not only that, but he is willing to open his life and care for all the people that matter to her in her life too.

The two of them are truly an inspiration to me. When I see them, I find myself hoping that somewhere out there, there is a guy like this looking for me too.

They are engaged, to be married this coming August. I will stand with her at the front and watch her take her vows with this man, knowing that even before this formality, both of them have taken the vow to be there for each other for better or for worse.

She’s found her Edward Cullen in him; And I wish them all the best ❤

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