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I cannot rest from travel, I will drink life to the lees…

Okay, I’m terrible at this.  It’s been years since my last post…but not much has changed.  I still have a healthy appetite to test out new activities, and the travel bug is still with me.  Recently it seems there’s been lots of fancy names for this thirst for travel.  For me, it remains simply that I like to travel.  I like to see new places, learn new cultures and explore each unique place’s history.  In the past 4 years I managed to wander here and there…and hopefully, as the wonder Lord Tennyson once wrote,

I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’
Gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades
For ever and forever when I move.
– Ulysses, Lord Tennyson
I am hoping to compile some of those adventures here, mostly because y’know…old age…getting forgetful an all that 😉
More, I am hoping that whoever is looking for some travel information on the places I have gone, my detours and dead ends might help them find their own way too.
More soon!

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So close…

Recently, I’ve taken up sport climbing (by recent I mean in the last month or so…)
Somehow, it’s a sport that’s really clicked.  Maybe it reminds me so much of all the monkeying around in elementary school… back to the days when the mentality was “if there is something in front of you, it can likely be climbed on” (…trees, walls, fences, poles…rocks…sorry neighbours!).  

It’s clicked so well that even my thought process alludes itself to climbing. Recently…it’s been confusing.  So as per every confusing climb, I shut the world out and thought.


Before you start, you stand and look at the goal at the top.  You can map out the beginning of the route, but soon it all seems too far – too far out of reach, to see properly, to plan properly.


Still you take a deep breath and start the climb, one careful step at a time.  Up and up, towards that ultimate goal.  You run into a dead end…take a side step….take a step down….try again.


So close….


Until you reach a point where it just hurts.  It hurts to reach, it hurts to hold on, and it hurts even more to let go and fall.


So close…


10 seconds…
1 minute….
Until it feels like a lifetime that you’ve been clinging on.

Until you realise letting go isn’t that hard.  You won’t fall far because there’s someone holding you; and even if there wasn’t, you’ll always get back up to climb again.


And at that moment you wonder to yourself why you hung on so hard in the first place…. because in the end, that’s what made you hurt the most.

Still…when you look back up at that goal….it hurts knowing you were so close.


….yet so far.

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holy it’s been a year…

what an insane, i-have-no-idea-what-happened year… (well i do know…but you probably don’t need to know)

let’s start new, shall we?  

다음주말에 한국에서 여행가요~ 
it will be trip number 2 to korea, this time with my aunt flying in from HK to join me before we both head back to HK.  i very much look forward to the trip…there is still so much to see, so much to eat in korea.  unfortunately i will be doing some repeats as my aunt hasn’t seen it…so…it will be the blind leading the blind for a 5 day whirlwind tour of seoul 🙂

then off to hk we go…and as per usual i will be hit with my annual dose of guilt from the family to move back to hk and work there instead.  and then i’ll probably come back to vancouver and try and consider it again…. and then i will realise i really can’t work and live in hk, i will simply fade away.

———– xo ———–

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It’s been a while!  Life has been a zoo…and while I can’t say I loved every minute of it, it’s definitely got it’s moments.

I spent 2 weeks in April in Korea this year.  It was my first ever trip there, and my first ever trip where I went not knowing what to expect.  It was sort of a spur of the moment sort of trip, mainly because my friend would be there and could take me around, and partially from the curiousity that korean pop culture has instilled in me.

The flight there was fantastic.  My ever faithful travel partner (a stuffed monkey by the name of Bobo) and I jumped on to our Korean Air flight heading to Seoul, and landed to much excitement and more than a little nervousness.  My friend would be spending three days with me at my hotel, then I’ll be off on my own for a bit before joining up with her again for a side trip to Jejudo.  It was great that her sister was able to join us, and in the end it was her sister who booked everything!

Long story short, Korea met every expectation I had and more.  I visited the old palaces, old shrines, the Royal Tombs, ate everywhere, and shopped even more.  I loved that the people of Korea carried with them so much pride in their culture and history, but at the same time they are so…modern.  The fact that I could look out the front gates of their Gyeongbokgong straight out into the busy streets of Seoul…or walk from in between rows upon rows of high rises into Insadong and have tea at a traditional teahouse… or how different the scenery is if I took an hour’s bus ride out to the royal tombs, then bus back and end up at one of the trendiest shopping areas before walking back to my hotel.  It was such a thrill….

Of course, I did a whole bunch of crazy tourist things: took sticker pictures while wearing a hanbok, had bbq til I sweated bacon, ate mile high ice cream cones, had much street food, went to Namsan tower at night to look at the lights….etcetc. Oh yeah and I shopped of course.  Surprisingly, I didn’t buy much!  I think I was more interested in visiting the places and living the culture….and visiting JYP Entertainment in Gangnam. Hahaha.  Yup….I’m crazy =p

My friends all asked if I enjoyed my trip there…and I honestly replied that it would be a place I can see myself living in.  I’m not sure how I would find working there because I haven’t tried…but in the city, there is so much activity and so many people – not unlike Hong Kong.  But unlike Hong Kong, there’s so much space, and so much CLEAN space in Korea – which is not unlike Vancouver.  So in my mind it is best of the two places that my heart is stretched over.

Then there’s Jejudo…if you go to Korea, you must spend a couple of days there.  This place was spectacular….so many things to see…I want to go back and climb Hallasan…I want to go back and watch the sunset again..I want to go back and just sit at the cliffs and just be.  It’s hard to find a place where you can just BE. And maybe while i’m being, I’m going to eat oranges and drink makguli 😉

In my two weeks there, I felt the warmth that was reserved for foreigners as people stopped to help me when I got lost….or helped me find someone who could help.  It really opened my eyes and made me reflect on how I should treat people who just need a hand, and how much a simple smile could make someone’s day.

Thank you Korea for a wonderful time.  My theme song for the entire time I was there was “I’ll Be Back” by 2PM (of course)….and I will be…I promise 🙂


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I’m not upset that you lied to me…

let’s let someone else try and put into words what I’m feeling:
all of these are found on @TheNoteboook on twitter

  • I knew from the day we met, you’d be kind of hard to forget.
  • I still remember the first time I fell for you; I haven’t gotten up since.
  • Sometimes when you give up on someone, it’s not because you don’t care anymore but because you realize they don’t.
  • If you start to miss me, just remember that I didn’t walk away… you let go of me.
  • One day we will be together, I’m sure… it’s just not our time yet.
  • Knowing that something won’t happen won’t make you want it any less.
  • I just hope one day you see me, and your heart stops, and you realize what you could’ve had this whole time.

…I’m upset that I can’t trust you anymore.

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Where the is great love…

Kathy recently got her hands on a copy of the paperback version of He’s Just Not That Into You.  Which opens up a lot of issues, decodes a lot of excuses, and gives the ladies a pretty good insight on the bullshit that men like to feed us.  Which…makes this world such a depressing place.

I loved the movie. Jennifer, Jennier and Ginnifer (that’d be Aniston, Connelly and Goodwin, respectively) were great.  Couldn’t help but love Justin Long a little after the movie.  But the movie itself was pretty depressing.  Most people can own up to having been in one or two of those situations…getting fed bullshit about not believing in marriage and what they had was better than some marriages…being lied to and cheated on….or pining for some guy and misreading every signal…

Well guess who’s been in all three situations.
Guess who’s currently in one of those situations *rolls eyes*

AND I KNOW IT! but can’t help it. echo, you retard.

but oh well.  being able to love is a gift.  whether the other person is smart enough to know that this probably would be the best thing that’d ever happen to him…that’s out of my hands.


…there are always miracles.

– Willa Cather

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so stupid. so so so stupid.

some people think it’s cute that i’m going nuts about this.  it’s not cute. it’s driving me NUTS.  pabo pabo pabo….echo is pabo.


why oh why oh why?!?!

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