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So…I’ve finally decided to sign up for Korean classes at a local language school here in Vancouver.  I gotta say, it’s so much fun that even though my thursdays end up being 12 hour days including work and class, I don’t actually mind (that’s saying a lot from someone who totally hates mornings with a passion).

So far, it’s still quite beginner, introductions and such…stuff that I already sort of know.  But it’s getting tougher now and I’m really excited.  My Korean friends and coworkers often point out certain words and phrases for me…now I just have to learn in class how to link all those phrases together to make a meaningful conversation. 😛 keke I have found many similarities with Chinese (well…duh…considering…lol) so it’s been ok remembering words and sentence structures.  Soon (hopefully)..I’ll actually understand all the songs I’ve memorized! Or watch a show without having to read the subs! (wishful thinking, I know….ha >_< )

Pororo is also a great help if you’re learning Korean. Seriously, cutest cartoon…. and it’s for kids…so you learn certain phrases in each episode (and how to write them!).  I spent all 10 hours of flight to Korea watching Pororo and his friends lol.

I have 2 more classes in my introduction-introduction course…before moving on to the beginner-introduction (they’re not actually called that … just…that’s what it is haha).  Hopefully in the next 2 weeks, I can figure out how not to write like a 5 year old. Not sure if even Pororo can help with that one. 😀

When I go back to Korea next year (fingers and toes crossed)… I vow to at least be able to ask for directions and order my food 😛 Must…work…to…fit…in…with…my…name! (My Korean friends gave me a Korean name…lol 저는 박준희 에요…반갑숩니다~….did I write it right?)


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