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Happy Birthday!

to me!

and to Canada! Happy 143, Canada.  Those three numbers used to mean so much to me.

+Spoiler alert. If you haven’t watched Eclipse and/or The Last Airbender…bye!+

How did I celebrate? By going to watch the midnight showing of Twilight Saga: Eclipse of course ❤ I even took June 30th off so that I could happily enjoy my movie.  I loved it.  Jasper and Alice are my favourite on screen couple at the moment, and they had the best on screen kiss for sure.  Doesn’t matter how many times Rob and Kristen made out as Edward and Bella…I don’t see this “chemistry” that everyone sees.  Jazz and Alice on the other hand…holyheck *fans self* hotdamn I want to kiss him myself =P  I really really liked how David Slade did this movie.  I’m sorry, but this was a zillion times better than Twilight, and we won’t even bother comparing it to the shit that was New Moon. And this is coming from a TwiHard.  Great angles, fantastic scenic spans (The beginning water mountain span, I think that’s the Capilano dam here in N.Vancouver…I saw it whilst on the gondola coming back down post Grouse grind. More on that later). Bella’s wig was wigged, but it’s ok.

I did however wonder if this was so much better because of all the characters involved.  Stupendous choices for the new characters Riley and Bree.  Although the new Victoria just couldn’t pull it off.  She just isn’t Victoria, as wonderful of an actress Bryce Dallas Howard is.  Summit really killed it when they put aside Rachelle Lafevre.  Anyway, maybe it’s a better movie because I didn’t have to sit there for 2 hours watching Kristen Stewart not know how to act.  I’m sorry…she simply cannot act.  She’s got fucking legs up to her chins, fantastic legs…great in most of the mini dresses she chooses. I love her legs.  But as an actress? yeah, no.  Edward fucking SHATTERED my heart in New Moon. Cry goddammit cry!  Or put some eyedrops for her if she can’t.  CGI that shit in!  Geez. Hyperventilating his name does not a broken heart make.

If you haven’t watched Eclipse, and is reading this, go watch it!

Then I went and saw The Last Airbender with my boys because they’re all 26 year old KIDS.  I liked it, they didn’t really.  But that’s not unexpected.  I liked it cuz again, Jackson’s onscreen kiss. GAH!  The plot was…not impressive.  The CGI work was pretty good.  The tai chi was mediocre at best (seriously….why are there no Chinese people in this story that is obviously Asian….those Chinese people know how to tai chi, really…). And I didn’t understand why the entire fire nation was east indian.  Erms.  Uncle looked Chinese to me in the cartoons.  He looked like a hobo in the movie.

Ah well.  That’s it for movies for me in the last two weeks.  I’ve still got to watch Toy Story3!

My choice of mottos for 25 was Live for the Next Adventure. 26 is going to be Make Every Adventure the next Challenge.

First challenge of 26 was the Grouse Grind.  it took me an hour and 45 minutes to complete nature’s stairmaster from hell. But it was my first time (and likely last), and I only wanted to finish.  I was damn proud when I took that last step.  =)

Second challenge?  New job! Can’t wait to see how that pans out in the next year or so.

Sunshine, I miss your smile.

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