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I died a little

I went to Rogers tonight to pick up my copy of The Blind Side.  If you haven’t watched this movie, you MUST watch it.  It’s very rare that I would say something like that about a movie.  Even all the Rob movies, I wouldn’t tell someone they had to watch it…it’s just that ECHO has to watch it.  But Blind Side? Sandra Bullock very much deserved that Oscar she got after that role.  (Definately doesn’t deserve all the bullcrap aftermath though)

Anyway, I was paying for stuff, and the guy at Rogers was helping me.  He looks at my copy of How to Be (Rob Pattinson in all his awkward glory), and says he’s been meaning to rent that one, and asked if I’ve seen it before.  I tell him yeah, I loved it.  He said he thinks he will too because (in his EXACT words) “I really like him. He’s gorgeous.”

I died a little. LOL I love him! I don’t even know his name, but together, we shared a bonding moment lmao.

Now add on the fact that the Nucks won 7-2 tonight.

THEN add on the fact that the Eclipse trailer is OUT! OMFG.  *DIES!* IN IMAX!!! it’s going to be the best birthday ever!!!


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