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Bae Soo Bin…

He played Cha Chun Soo, Dong Yi’s beloved orabeoni. The one who was cast aside as soon as Dong Yi set her eyes on the king. Poor guy seriously dedicated his life to her. I did some research into the real Dong Yi in Korean history, and so far have not found any mention of this person. Whether or not he really existed, Bae Soo Bin did a fantastic job with this character. Chun Soo is the kind of guy that no parent would ever say no to if he wanted to date their daughter. But I suppose Ji Jin Hee is tough competition 😉

I fell slightly in love with Chun Soo orabeoni in Dong Yi…enough so that I began watching Brilliant Inheritence (Shining Inheritence?) which also stared Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi) and Bae Soo Bin (Chun Soo). But of course, BSB loses the girl again…this time to some KID. *sighs* I still don’t know why. I’m on episode 7…the story itself isn’t really that appealing to me… I just keep forwarding to the parts where BSB and HHJ are on screen together because they’re so damn cute.

He’s such a sweet heart. and TWICE he loses the same girl lol.
I wonder if he’s like that in real life too…cuz he lost his real gf not too long ago also.

Don’t worry, Sunny oppa. You can always come find me 😉

As long as you smile at me, I’ll be putty in your hands, and no one will steal me away….unless it’s HyunBin.

Then all bets are off 😉 jkjkjk! LOL


….when is it your turn to win?



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Scent of a Woman – the Korean version

I actually finished this a while ago.  Scent of a Woman is one of the newer romcoms to come on tv…and as enjoyable as it was to watch, I find myself struggling to write about it.  The plot is pretty straight forward kdrama.  Girl lives simple life, gets picked on by everyone…find out she has cancer so quits her job and does her own thing.   While doing her own thing she meets the man of her dreams, who’s rich but has obligations because of it, including the obligation to be married to some rich man’s rich daughter….the daughter is of course a giant b***h (as mentioned in the previous post, this one is certified 110% psychotic)…. and while being a patient re-encounters a man who’s been in love with her for like 20 years.

and touches a zillion lives while she is sick.

The female lead was played by Kim Sun Ah…who lost too many pounds to play the cancer patient.  She is the only reason I kept watching this series.  She played Kim Sam Soon opposite Hyun Bin years ago and I was so impressed then…I’m still super impressed with her acting now!

The male lead (that’d be the rich man of her dreams) was played by Lee Dong Wook, who is seriously not my cup of tea.  He reminds me of James Franco.  80% sleeping in every scene…and can’t act. and isn’t hot.  Maybe I’m just biased because at the very beginning when he stepped out of his beaut of a car, and turned around….i expected HyunBin’s face lol. oh what a disappointment.

The psychotic woman was played by Seo Hyo Rim….who…isn’t…pretty. At all.  her face looks like the Cheshire Cat.  and that…blob….of…hair…what the heck was that?!  It looked like she didn’t quite know what to do with it either.

and finally the doctor who she SHOULD’VE picked cuz he actually looks ok and can act was played by Uhm Ki Joon.  He was actually pretty good. Very geeky look lol. I quite liked it.  Then again I always fall for the one who looses out. Unless he looses out to Binnie..then well yeah sorry man.

Seriously nothing to say. So I’ll just rate it:

Storyline: 5/10 – overused plot…
Cloths: 5/10 – Seo Hyo Rim had some impressive outfits…other than that…zzz…
Scenic: 9/10 – I’ve yet to come across a present day kdrama series that doesn’t have good scenery
Hotties: 1/10 – the 1 is for Kim Sun Ah.  The rest of them? not my cup of anything
Teary moments: 7/10 – I cried my eyes out when Kim Sun Ah’s room mate died.  She was like sunshine.

Overall: 6/10 – I enjoyed it….finished it in 4 days…but again, only because Kim Sun Ah was great.  I don’t think this would be a series I’d go back to, unless I seriously had NOTHING to do.

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I’m not upset that you lied to me…

let’s let someone else try and put into words what I’m feeling:
all of these are found on @TheNoteboook on twitter

  • I knew from the day we met, you’d be kind of hard to forget.
  • I still remember the first time I fell for you; I haven’t gotten up since.
  • Sometimes when you give up on someone, it’s not because you don’t care anymore but because you realize they don’t.
  • If you start to miss me, just remember that I didn’t walk away… you let go of me.
  • One day we will be together, I’m sure… it’s just not our time yet.
  • Knowing that something won’t happen won’t make you want it any less.
  • I just hope one day you see me, and your heart stops, and you realize what you could’ve had this whole time.

…I’m upset that I can’t trust you anymore.

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It takes…

… not a lot to make me smile.
… even less to impress me.
… hard work to gain my respect.
… care to gain my trust.

… real talent to make me angry.
… ice cream to make everything better. Always.


so congratulations to the one who hurt me so much today that not even ice cream and hyunbin made it better. you were the last person on earth i would’ve expected this from. but it took real talent nonetheless.

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Tea time at Adonia

So it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to go out to check out new high tea places, but we did manage it once during Christmas week.  This time it’s at Adonia Kerrisdale Tea House (2057 w. 41st Ave, Vancouver).

First impression: quaint.  To the point of…there’s totally not enough room in here.  Everything was very English, which is exactly the kind of thing I like, but the door opens and immediately in front is a small divider, and immediately behind the divider was a table. Which was where we ended up sitting…and it was COLD every time the door opened. I do suppose it’s better than a blast of heat in the summer.  Lots of little tables against the walls with 2 chairs, so if you have a bigger party (by bigger, I mean more than 2) I’d recommend making a reservation.

The tea selection was decent.  Lots of roiboos to choose from…but still, I am partial to the selection at Secret Garden.  I have yet to find something to beat the Vanilla Earl Grey (remember, this is coming from a girl who doesn’t like Earl Grey tea).

The food was set because it was the Christmas tea menu.  Most of it was decent.  The desserts were pretty good.  Most disappointing were the little quiches that we had.  Why? Because I have a pack of it in my freezer – purchased from Costco.  I didn’t pay 30+ dollars to have re-heated Costco quiches (and suspicious about the potato salad!), no matter how great they taste.

Service was good.  The girl was running around so much though, I felt bad to ask for more hot water. Considering they were turning people away because everything was reserved, I figure adding another body to help out that day would’ve been great.

This one is a recommend.  But with Secret Garden literally just around the bend, I’d go back to Adonia only if Secret Garden was full.

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Welcome home Nazzy.

always in my heartStopping the West Coast Express wasn’t an option, slowing it down barely was, and if regrettable circumstances hadn’t gotten in the way of its production and chemistry, 2002-03 would have just been the tip of the iceberg

Lots of people have scolded me over the past two years because I completely stopped watching Canucks hockey since my beloved team fell apart.  That team…the West Coast Express era…were the past, and our team now is great.

WCE is the past, Echo. You gotta let it go.  You can’t just give up on the game you love to watch.  You’re the only one who’s never fallen off the wagon.

Well, I’ve never been on a wagon…I’ve watched them since day one in Canada…I watched them as I learned English at the Pacific Coliseum. I watched with so my anticipation, excitement, and eventually in tears as their 93 Stanley Cup run ended in disappointment.  I watched through the Keanan reign of terror…with a broken heart as they traded our Linden.  I watched as slowly, they rebuilt it into the first class Canucks team that was led by Nazzy.

I watched the Sedins grow from silly bunnies to a formidible second line…to being our 2 for 1 captain.
I watched Matt Cooke score…two veryvery fantastic goals…2 seconds to go, how do you beat that? with a 1.2 second goal.  I watched as I choked on the apple I was eating, tripping over my blanket, and received txt after txt after call from my friends congratulating my boy.
I watched the West Coast Express soar.  Shorty said to hang on tight, because it’s going to be a heck of a ride.  It was one freakin ride. Bert, Nazzy, and the always under-appreciated Mo.  Jovo, Ohlie, Malik, Salo…Cookie…Cass…
I watched as year after year, Clouts ruined Nazzy.

I watched as Vancouver fell off the bandwagon one by one…as Bert defended our captain.  As we sent them both off…without a big hug and eternal thanks.

His greatest fault in Vancouver was only that he got older as a player. Ours is that we didn’t let him. Tonight makes everything better. – The Vancouver Sun.

When you recognize 20+ guys by their stride…by their eyes…it was no longer just a hockey team. Those were memories, that was pride.  It was family.

It’s difficult to say good bye to family.

Tonight wasn’t goodbye.  It was a reunion. It was to welcome our Naslund home, because we didn’t give him the proper send off the first time around. (Nor did we recognize the efforts of Morrison…but that’s another story)

Welcome home, Nazzy.  I’ll always miss you.

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What a let down…

So my friend Hannah and I went to Victoria for a weekend, thinking it’d be a great weekend trip and a superb afternoon tea opportunity at the Fairmont Empress Hotel.   Since BC Ferries had a pkg’d deal with the Empress, I figure, why not stay at this hotel that every tourist that has stepped foot on Victoria has taken a pic of/with?

Well now I can tell you why NOT to stay there.

For a 5 star hotel, I was unimpressed from the get-go.  As in..before we even checked in.  That’d be because we stood there in a line for a good half hour. To check in.  I didn’t even have to wait that long at the Wynn in Vegas (yeah it’s the Wynn), and it was FILLED with people checking in.  There were 4 people ahead of us in line.

Then when it was FINALLY our turn, they didn’t have the room we were supposed to get with this package. Which took anoter 10 minutes for this girl to *kick another room out of their room* so we could take the room. Uhhh I hope she just pulled that from her butt cuz I felt so bad.

Parking lot sucked butt.  The corridor leading from the parkade to the lobby was seriously haunted and it plain smelled OLD. Like…soap, talc, mold…all meshed in one.  Grossness?

The room itself was…old. Heh. It’s cute, if you like old things and stepping back into time.  Which, believe me, I do.  But for some strange reason, I didn’t feel at peace in my room.  I was so scared, in fact, that I couldn’t close and lock the bathroom door when I showered because I was so creeped out.

You know when you

It felt off. We kept all the lights on, kept the TV going (I woke up to equestrian broadcasting)…and yeah.

I spook easy…but not that bad!

I think it’s time for the Empress to get a major overhaul.

The dinner, at the restaurant that was supposedly voted best seafood in Victoria was a disappointment at best.  I didn’t even bother with a name. Service was slow, and just plain terrible.  It got to the point where I just wanted to get up and leave because our waiter was MIA, and the other waiter refused to serve us…or even offer to find our waiter for us.  The food was mediocre, which really is just horrible…because we ordered a seafood platter in Victoria.  It shouldn’t be anything but amazing.

Complete disappointment.

But the high tea at the Empress Hotel was top notch. If you are a tea drinker, the Empress Blend is a definite recommendation for you. That high tea plus the ferry ride to and fro the island were the only highlights of the trip.

You can bet it’ll be at least another 2 years before I make it over again.

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