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Don’t be upset…

someone told me a long time ago that being upset just won’t cut it.  it’ll make me miserable and it doesn’t solve anything.  so he proposed a better way for me to get over it.

…plot revenge.


i’m completely serious.  that’s what he told me.  if i’m upset, then i should think of how i wish karma would come to my rescue. lol.  to this day, i hear him telling me that every time i’m upset at someone.

so this time…k-drama once again comes to my rescue, in the form of one crazy Korean bitch in the series Scent of a Woman.  I’m not done the series yet, close~ but there’s this one girl who…i don’t even quite know how to describe her other than crazy Korean Bitch.  sorry, korean gals that i know. but i’m not sure there is crazy quite like Korean drama girl crazy.  i sincerely hope that this does not translate to real life…because holyshit that’s some scary stuff.  the girl who plays the part looks pretty vicious too actually. i wouldn’t want to step on her toes…she’d prob scratch my eyes out.

Im Se Kyeong?  fml she’s effing insane. load (screechingly so), high maintenance, unreasonable, spoiled, bitch.
plus she’s ugly. wtf is with that…thing…with the hair. O_o

so. i wished her upon the one who’s making my heart hurt. i wished he would find himself with his hands full of someone just like her.  so he would know that what he threw away, would’ve been the best thing that could’ve happened to him. plus the fact that his brother would prob punch his face out if he brought someone like that home. lol. made me chuckle.


thanks, bon. best advice ever.


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