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Bae Soo Bin…

He played Cha Chun Soo, Dong Yi’s beloved orabeoni. The one who was cast aside as soon as Dong Yi set her eyes on the king. Poor guy seriously dedicated his life to her. I did some research into the real Dong Yi in Korean history, and so far have not found any mention of this person. Whether or not he really existed, Bae Soo Bin did a fantastic job with this character. Chun Soo is the kind of guy that no parent would ever say no to if he wanted to date their daughter. But I suppose Ji Jin Hee is tough competition 😉

I fell slightly in love with Chun Soo orabeoni in Dong Yi…enough so that I began watching Brilliant Inheritence (Shining Inheritence?) which also stared Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi) and Bae Soo Bin (Chun Soo). But of course, BSB loses the girl again…this time to some KID. *sighs* I still don’t know why. I’m on episode 7…the story itself isn’t really that appealing to me… I just keep forwarding to the parts where BSB and HHJ are on screen together because they’re so damn cute.

He’s such a sweet heart. and TWICE he loses the same girl lol.
I wonder if he’s like that in real life too…cuz he lost his real gf not too long ago also.

Don’t worry, Sunny oppa. You can always come find me 😉

As long as you smile at me, I’ll be putty in your hands, and no one will steal me away….unless it’s HyunBin.

Then all bets are off 😉 jkjkjk! LOL


….when is it your turn to win?



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Scent of a Woman – the Korean version

I actually finished this a while ago.  Scent of a Woman is one of the newer romcoms to come on tv…and as enjoyable as it was to watch, I find myself struggling to write about it.  The plot is pretty straight forward kdrama.  Girl lives simple life, gets picked on by everyone…find out she has cancer so quits her job and does her own thing.   While doing her own thing she meets the man of her dreams, who’s rich but has obligations because of it, including the obligation to be married to some rich man’s rich daughter….the daughter is of course a giant b***h (as mentioned in the previous post, this one is certified 110% psychotic)…. and while being a patient re-encounters a man who’s been in love with her for like 20 years.

and touches a zillion lives while she is sick.

The female lead was played by Kim Sun Ah…who lost too many pounds to play the cancer patient.  She is the only reason I kept watching this series.  She played Kim Sam Soon opposite Hyun Bin years ago and I was so impressed then…I’m still super impressed with her acting now!

The male lead (that’d be the rich man of her dreams) was played by Lee Dong Wook, who is seriously not my cup of tea.  He reminds me of James Franco.  80% sleeping in every scene…and can’t act. and isn’t hot.  Maybe I’m just biased because at the very beginning when he stepped out of his beaut of a car, and turned around….i expected HyunBin’s face lol. oh what a disappointment.

The psychotic woman was played by Seo Hyo Rim….who…isn’t…pretty. At all.  her face looks like the Cheshire Cat.  and that…blob….of…hair…what the heck was that?!  It looked like she didn’t quite know what to do with it either.

and finally the doctor who she SHOULD’VE picked cuz he actually looks ok and can act was played by Uhm Ki Joon.  He was actually pretty good. Very geeky look lol. I quite liked it.  Then again I always fall for the one who looses out. Unless he looses out to Binnie..then well yeah sorry man.

Seriously nothing to say. So I’ll just rate it:

Storyline: 5/10 – overused plot…
Cloths: 5/10 – Seo Hyo Rim had some impressive outfits…other than that…zzz…
Scenic: 9/10 – I’ve yet to come across a present day kdrama series that doesn’t have good scenery
Hotties: 1/10 – the 1 is for Kim Sun Ah.  The rest of them? not my cup of anything
Teary moments: 7/10 – I cried my eyes out when Kim Sun Ah’s room mate died.  She was like sunshine.

Overall: 6/10 – I enjoyed it….finished it in 4 days…but again, only because Kim Sun Ah was great.  I don’t think this would be a series I’d go back to, unless I seriously had NOTHING to do.

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Don’t be upset…

someone told me a long time ago that being upset just won’t cut it.  it’ll make me miserable and it doesn’t solve anything.  so he proposed a better way for me to get over it.

…plot revenge.


i’m completely serious.  that’s what he told me.  if i’m upset, then i should think of how i wish karma would come to my rescue. lol.  to this day, i hear him telling me that every time i’m upset at someone.

so this time…k-drama once again comes to my rescue, in the form of one crazy Korean bitch in the series Scent of a Woman.  I’m not done the series yet, close~ but there’s this one girl who…i don’t even quite know how to describe her other than crazy Korean Bitch.  sorry, korean gals that i know. but i’m not sure there is crazy quite like Korean drama girl crazy.  i sincerely hope that this does not translate to real life…because holyshit that’s some scary stuff.  the girl who plays the part looks pretty vicious too actually. i wouldn’t want to step on her toes…she’d prob scratch my eyes out.

Im Se Kyeong?  fml she’s effing insane. load (screechingly so), high maintenance, unreasonable, spoiled, bitch.
plus she’s ugly. wtf is with that…thing…with the hair. O_o

so. i wished her upon the one who’s making my heart hurt. i wished he would find himself with his hands full of someone just like her.  so he would know that what he threw away, would’ve been the best thing that could’ve happened to him. plus the fact that his brother would prob punch his face out if he brought someone like that home. lol. made me chuckle.


thanks, bon. best advice ever.

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1st Shop of Coffee Prince – “So let’s go….”

Another series done~

This one was #4 on mysoju.com’s all time fave list.  Also recommended by Yoonhee…so I had to watch.  When I posted on my facebook that I was about to watch this one, I got lots of comments on how it’s a classic.  Now I see why.  It’s definitely one I would go back and re-watch, and considering purchasing a copy for myself lol.

+ Summary +
Go Eun Chan is a happy go lucky girl who has the [mis]fortune of looking like a guy.  Because her father passed away and she is the eldest child, she took it upon herself to provide for her mom and younger sister…and it seemed easier for her to do it as a guy than a girl.

In the meantime, Choi Han Gyul is back in Korea as ordered by his grandma….and he re-enters this minor love triangle that involves his cousin, Choi Han Seong, and a girl that he’s had a crush on for the past 9 years, Han Yoo Joo.

Han Gyul runs into Eun Chan one day during an attempted robbery, and because he thought she was a guy, he ends up hiring her as a pretend lover to fend off the match making attempts that his grandma has been forcing on him.  His grandma eventually decides that in order for him to return to New York, he must take an old run down coffee shop, and triple its earnings.  Eun Chan begs him to hire her as one of the “prince” waiters that will work there.

On the side, Eun Chan managed to meet and befriend Han Seong and his dog.  She develops a crush on him, then finds out that the story he told her of the love triangle of Mr A, Miss B and Mr C was actually himself, Yoo Joo and Han Kyul.

Back at work, Han Gyul finds himself becoming attracted to Eun Chan and is worried about his sexuality.  Eun Chan also falls in love with him, but cannot find the courage to tell him that she’s actually a girl  Lots of miscommunication and arguing later…Han Gyul decides that his love for Eun Chan is more important than what other people might think….

+ Cast +

Go Eun Chan – played by Yoon Eun Hye.  Hands down the reason why this series was so interesting.  I hear she’s a singer turned actress…and I’ve got to say whoever cast her in whatever got her to move into acting needs a raise.  She’s a natural.

Choi Han Gyul – played by Gong Yoo.  Funny character.  Reminds me of Hyun Bin’s Kim Joo Won sometimes.  Especially the moments where he’s so clueless.  I think you sort of get to see him grow as an actor through the movie.  At the beginning, the character was sort of weak, but you do see the transformation as Han Gyul figures himself out, and as Gong Yoo settles into the character.  A very believable sort of character… I really enjoyed watching him. There hasn’t been any series with Gong Yoo since Coffee Prince because he had to go for his manadatory army training…seems like he had a pretty simple role in that training which was sort of disappointing after HyunBin got enlisted.  But that’s ok!  Welcome back~ Looking forward to more series from Gong Yoo.

Choi Han Seong – played by Lee Sun Gyun. Can’t blame Eun Chan, I had a crush on this character too.  He’s silly… but caring. Lee Sun Gyun was able to portray the thoughtfulness and care that Han Seong had for Eun Chan…something that he sometimes lacked when it came to his girlfriend Yoo Joo.  Which made it interesting for me, because knowing that Han Seong and Yoo Joo were going to remain a couple even through all the fighting and break ups…. it made me wonder…why?  Why does he stay with this girl who brings out the worst in him when he’s such a lovely person.  I still think that he and Eun Chan would’ve been lovely together 🙂  plus he has the cutest fluffiest dog ever.  Poor thing must’ve been dying in the heat in Korea.

Han Yoo Joo – as played by Chae Jung Ahn.  She’s so pretty.  That’s my first and last impression.  As a character, Yoo Joo was so mellow, it’s hard to say anything.  She’s so mellow sometimes it comes across as boring.  She’s got style. And I love her hair.  But I’ve nothing else to say.

The coffee princes:
Hwang Min Yeop – Lee Un + No Sun Ki – Kim Jae Wook + Jin Ha Rim – Kim Dong Wook.  These guys are hilarious.  Bravo once again on the casting.  Seriously these Korean casting crews are top notch.  There is so much character in these characters that it’s hard to remember it’s only a drama.  I really wish I could work with these three characters lol.  Work would be so much fun.  It shocked me to the bone when I read that Lee Un had actually passed away due to a motorcycle accident in 2008.  It’s such a shame because he seemed like such a great person in all the interviews from Coffee Prince.  Read Gong Yoo’s goodbye…made me so sad.  I also hear that Kim Jae Wook has recently been enlisted in the army.  Be safe and stay healthy~

All in all:

Storyline: 10/10 – it was super fun!  I really enjoyed the story, even though it’s again an old idea.
Cloths: 6/10 – aside from Han Gyul and Yoo Joo, everyone else looked very civilian lol. Nothing special…
Scenic: 9/10 – Han Gyul and Han Seong had some pretty fantastic views from their houses.  Loved the design of Han Gyul’s house…and the front porch.  Loved Han Seong’s area…holy greenery.
Hotties: 8/10 – Gong Yoo is pretty cute and did grow on me. Lee Sun Gyun is very lovable, Yoon Eun Hye is cute…but no one really caught my eye in this one.
Teary moments: 5/10 – surprisingly, I teared up in quite a few places.  Nothing Secret Garden heart wrench worth…but I was surprised.

Overall: I think 10/10.  Loved it.  Will definitely go back to it in the future.

….as far as we can go.” – Choi Han Gyul.

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That Man….

Another post about another Korean drama series: Secret Garden.

My friend Daniel intro’d me to this one over a pizza lunch, telling me that I HAVE to watch it because it’s SO popular and the guy is SO hot in Korea right now.  So I came home and booted up mysoju.com for it.  I have to admit, the first episode? I didn’t like it. At all. The guy was a spoiled brat, just like Gu JunPyo.  I’d had it up to HERE with JunPyo already.  And plus he was so skinny and frail looking I though he’d keel over and pass out.  So that’s what I told Daniel….are you serious? Cuz you look WAY better than this guy.

But….the series grew on me…and if you enjoy K-drama then you must watch it.

Synopsis is pretty straight forward and the story line isn’t anything new.  About a guy Kim JooWon, who’s this super rich CEO of some super company… mistaking a stunt double Gil RaIm for some famous actress….falls for her which pisses him off cuz he’s too high class for a poor girl.  Then something happens and their souls switch bodies;  and through that, they begin to understand each other and this relationship begins to grow.

There were loads of funny moments because as rich and cool as Kim JooWon is, he’s just a little kid inside.  HyunBin, the actor who plays JooWon grew on me through his amazing acting skills.  His portrayal of the character made Kim JooWon go from annoying to lovable, and convinced me that I should be patient with him.  HyunBin’s portrayal of Gil RaIm after their souls switched was absolutely fantastic.  He almost convinced me that he was indeed a girl trapped in a guy’s body HAHAHAHA.

JooWon’s conflicts and the things he ends up doing for Gil RaIm touched my heart.  Epiphany struck at two very specific points….and when it struck, it struck hard.  I did end up crying watching this one….but I didn’t mind…HyunBin was well worth it.

Side story of Oska, JooWon’s cousin and his struggles as a Hallyu star. Oska was a great comic relief to the already very comedic story.


Storyline: 10/10 – it was a great remake of an old idea.
Cloths: 8/10 – HyunBin rocked his clothes…KimJooWon had some pretty freaking nice outfits. GilRaIm had some pretty neat outfits towards the end but very simple. But holy WTF was Oska WEARING!? GROSS!!! lol
Scenic: 9/10 – not much in terms of scenery in this story.  Most of it was at JooWon’s house or RaIm’s house and studio. Jeju Island again was breath taking. Gotta make it there someday
Hotties: 10/10 – Forget everyone else….HyunBin and Ha JiWon were great.
Teary moments2/10 – there were exactly 2 moments as mentioned above.  But they weren’t just teary, they were a stab in the heart painful cry.

Overall: I think 10/10.  Another one full of great daydream ideas.  Don’t expect this one to happen either 😉 That’s the best part about it.  Thanks, Daniel for convincing me to watch it.

Here is the song That Woman by Baek JiYoung.  The companion to HyunBin’s That Man.

…is as timid as this woman.

Oh and I forgot!  Kim JooWon’s famous chant. He chants something every time he thinks he’s going nuts. Every time I think I’m about to go nuts at work now, I hear HyunBin saying this in my head.  I think I’m really going nuts lol.  The chant is actually one person’s name.  This one person was named with everything that represents longevity but ends up drowning because his name was too long for the person to call for help in time. lol.

Kim Soo Han Moo Geo Bukgi Wa Doo Roo Mi Sam Cheon Gab Sa Dong Bang Sark Chi Chi Ka Po Sa Ri Sa Ri Sen Ta Weo Ri Weo Ri Se BBu Ri Ka Moo Doo Sel La Goo Roomi Heo Ri Kae In Dam Byeo Rak Seo Sang Won eh Go Yang ee Ba Du Ki Neun Dol Dol ee…

Yup. That’s the name. AAAAnd here’s what I hear in my brain 😉

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Let’s love like we’ve never been hurt before

Currently watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

The only reason I started watching was because Hyun Bin was in it and he won some awards for his role….so I figure it can’t be that bad.  It’s a little loud and annoying some times for my taste.  I prefer my characters to talk softly most of the time. lol.  But that’s the good thing about non-tv drama watching…FF it all the annoying parts 😉 and all the characters I don’t want to see.

This one is about HyunBin as a rich restaurant owner….of course.  Can that face be anything less than rich and almighty? And a wonderful girl who doesn’t fit into the category of cute, hot, beautiful, unique or anything like that.  They of course like ecah other and of course everyone in the world is somehow standing in their way.

Sometimes I feel like her….boring, chubby, can’t be considered elegant really, doing my own thing on my own.  But she’s one heck of a character.  HyunBin’s character said to her that she’s attractive because she doesn’t realise how attractive she is. If only those kinds of things happen in real life. *sad smile*

Actually, I’d like to watch one where he’s the struggling to make ends meet guy.  I don’t think that series has been written yet.  We’ll have to wait for at least 2013 for his triumphant return from the SKorean Marine Corps in Dec 2012.

Tonight’s quote from the movie comes from a scene where the girl sees a billboard at the bus station that tells people to love like they’ve never been hurt before…to dance like no one’s watching…to sing like no one’s listening…to live today as if tomorrow is the end…

To be honest, I’d like to be like that too.  Pretend that I’ve never been hurt before, as I want to seriously love one more time. But since the ending has come like this, I’d really like to change the article.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, then don’t fall in love. “

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