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Boys Over Flowers – review

craps. i’m hooked onto this korean drama stuff. craps!

so, as mentioned previously, it all started with Boys Over Flowers.  I’ve never actually liked korean dramas before.  That’s because the only other Korean drama i had watched previous to this was Winter Sonata, ages ago.  I loved it, don’t get me wrong. The scenes, the story line (typical drama line but they do it so well!), Bae YongJun yums, and ohmigosh their CLOTHES! *dies*.

But honestly, I cried so hard from like the 3rd episode onwards….and then every time I hear the song, I think of the story and tear up? geebus. Cant’ do it man.

Then Boys Over Flowers came on tv while I was in Hong Kong, and I was hooked.  It was different…..something that will never happen in life, therefore it’s fun to imagine it.


Woobin - Jihoo - Jandi - Junpyo - Yijeong


In short, the story follows the 4 most eligible bachelors of S.Korea – 4 guys who’ve been best friends since kindergarten. They are the most eligible because they are the heirs to the powerhouses of Korea.  Woobin’s family on the surface owns some successful construction companies but is really an unground mafia leader; Yijeong’s family is famed in pottery and he’s supposedly a child prodigy in the art himself; Jihoo’s grandfather was S.Korea’s president (I assume this means that the family is well taken care of after) and owns cultural centres etc; and JunPyo’s family owns Shinwa…which owns pretty much everything else that the other guys don’t it seems.

The 4 most eligible bachelors, the 4 biggest on-the-surface douchebags in S.Korea.  Seriously.  They act as if the world was beneath them…which really, the way they were brought up…the rest of the world WAS beneath them.

Then enters Geum Jandi…the commoner.  Not even JUST a commoner…a lower class commoner.  Due to an unforeseen suicide attempt (uh bullies….those F4….douchebags) that she interrupts (serious….she interrupted it lol), she becomes part of this rich people world reluctantly.  And finds the cracks on the walls that each of the F4 guys built up over the years…and finds the human inside.

The story is based on a Japanese Manga…..and the thing I loved most about this series is that the 4 guys really do portray really comic characters…from their looks (hair styles, accessories etc) to the clothes (university students in 3 piece suits?! completely decked out in white?! BOW TIE!? hankies?! what?!) to their expressions…. they were such characters~

Anyway, the story is pretty much a love triangle between Jihoo, Jandi and Junpyo….with a side story for Yijeong and Jandi’s best friend Gaheul….and leaving poor Woobin all alone. The fortune teller tells of a soulmate and a guy who she’ll spend the rest of her life with….being two different people.  Aigoo….

The characters!

Woobin – the quiet one who’s always just in the back watching…and steps up when his brothers are in need.  Kim Jun was a natural at it, especially the scenes where Woobin breaks out into horrible English cuz it was “cool” lol. There are moments though….he reminded me of Mr Bean HAHAHAHAHA

Yijeong – the cute one, and he knows it. sweet smiles, bowties….he’s seriously like the cute younger brother in Japanese cartoons. Kim Bum’s dimples adds a magic touch.

Jihoo – the quiet one.  Jihoo captured my attention from the get go because he was the first to show he cares. He’s always there for her. That’s why I love Jihoo most.  Kim Hyun Joong plays the role beautifully.

Junpyo – the leader….the loud, annoying, immature, useless…one. I couldn’t stand him from the start…and still really don’t understand why Jandi would even look his way.  He’s spoiled, even by his friends.  Seems Jandi was the only one to not just give him everything he wants when he wants it.  The backstory shows why he is the way he is…and you feel sorry for the kid sometimes…but really, he’s just a big bully.

Jandi – my heroine. lol.  I wish I had the guts to stand up to the 4 most powerful kids in SKorea.  I mean…even the adults bowed to these kids man.  She was a character all on her own….everything I hope to be.  She’s caring, generally happy (especially when she has to show her face to people she cares about), strong, and determined.  She totally deserves to be with Jihoo.  But you know what they say…you don’t know what you’ve got….

Gaheul – Jandi’s best friend. Super cute…super innocent…I’d like her too if I was Yijeong. They make the cutest couple lol.

JaeKyung – a minor set back to Jandi and Junpyo’s relationship to nowhere…when he is arranged to be married to another rich family’s daughter.

But yeah, definately recommend this one.  Not too many loud annoying ladies yelling at each other.  Just one or two scenes that are unimportant and can be fast forwarded through 😉

Rating it the way I rate dramas:
Storyline: 9/10 – some parts were….huh?
Cloths: 9.5/10 – I’m a sucker for 3 piece suits and bowties. the 0.5 missing is because GuJunPyo has HORRIBLE tastes in clothes
Scenic: 10/10 – I now must go to Jeju Island…and New Caledonia~
Hotties: 9.5/10 – F4 is F4 for a reason.  the 0.5 again is for Junpyo’s style choices, or therelackof. His HAIR. yugh. But Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum more than makes up for it.
Teary moments: 2/10 – not too many. which is great!!!!

Overall: I think 9/10.  It’s a great escape.  Just don’t go hoping it’ll happen.


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