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going home. part 2.

i’m back in vancouver. back to work today.  sorta drifted through the day…not sure what was accomplished in the 8.5 hours that i was at the branch. it was very lonely at work today.  my coworker asked me for assurance that my sunbae would be back to work.  it’s hard to reassure when i’m not positive he would be….or better to say that i know he soon will not be.

spoke with oppa yesterday.  it reassured me that i’m not the only one who’s unsure of everything right now.  but made me even more confused as to what i do want to do, or which path to take.

sunbae’s opened another path for me today, i think.  do i take it and follow?

i realise i left a lot of stuff in hk.  that’s what happens when u watch korean drama while you pack lol.  currently obsessing over Boys Over Flowers.  more specifically, kim hyun joong (ji hoo). hot damn he’s a carbon copy of bae yong jun in Winter Sonata (kang jun sang/lee min yong?). and when he sings, it’s like…Jackson Rathbone. oh man that means trouble.

amongst the things i left? my sd card, my phone charger (crap it!)


oh right and my heart. left that there too.



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