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A Moveable Journey

As in A Moveable Feast.  Hemmingway.  Just in case.

I got a new car today. Well sort of. I leased a new car today.  So when wednesday rolls around, I will be rolling around in my new Mercedez B-Class echo-mobile 🙂

I’m excited!  It’s my first car.  Who would’ve thought I’d wind up with a Mercedez for a first car.  But the lease price was within range, and not that different from the Honda Fit.  So….B-Class it is.

Aside from an afternoon of test driving and deal making…I’ve been redesigning my dad’s business catalogue.  I haven’t had much inspiration for that recently.  All I want to do is paint my Munny doll.

And write.

I’ve written half a fanfic for Twilight.  No, you may not read it.  Haha.  I can’t even believe I even BEGAN to write fanfic.  But the stories on fanfiction.net have truly been inspirational.  I think a lot of the stories are better than the real thing, both in grammar and the use of the English language, as well as the plot and story lines.  I may do a post on my love of Twilight in the near future, actually.  Considering that Twilight action will be picking up soon in preparation of my birthday and hence the arrival of the third Twilight installment: Eclipse.  I cannot wait.  That is my favourite book of the entire series!

I’m Team Emmett, in case you are wondering. I love Kellan too.  I saw his Calvin Klein X ad on the side of the bus the other day and nearly died.

But I dearly love the scruffy, I really don’t know what I’m doing here Rob Pattinson.

April 14th had marked the one year anniversary of my meeting Rob Pattinson in Vancouver.  I celebrated. =)

.next post.
an internal debate on who to love more

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