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Where the is great love…

Kathy recently got her hands on a copy of the paperback version of He’s Just Not That Into You.  Which opens up a lot of issues, decodes a lot of excuses, and gives the ladies a pretty good insight on the bullshit that men like to feed us.  Which…makes this world such a depressing place.

I loved the movie. Jennifer, Jennier and Ginnifer (that’d be Aniston, Connelly and Goodwin, respectively) were great.  Couldn’t help but love Justin Long a little after the movie.  But the movie itself was pretty depressing.  Most people can own up to having been in one or two of those situations…getting fed bullshit about not believing in marriage and what they had was better than some marriages…being lied to and cheated on….or pining for some guy and misreading every signal…

Well guess who’s been in all three situations.
Guess who’s currently in one of those situations *rolls eyes*

AND I KNOW IT! but can’t help it. echo, you retard.

but oh well.  being able to love is a gift.  whether the other person is smart enough to know that this probably would be the best thing that’d ever happen to him…that’s out of my hands.


…there are always miracles.

– Willa Cather


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Because I’m Stupid…

So if you know me, which you probably don’t, I really really believe in Karma.  I try my hardest to collect the good kind of karma….but sometimes, karma just likes to kick me in the butt.  I suppose that’s its way to keep me on my toes.

I’ve been fairly confused recently, to say the least.  At first I thought it was just me being…me. Overthinking and over-analysing everything; which generally just leads to me stressing myself out some more.

As if life wasn’t stressful enough as is (audit dropped in for a visit. unofficial or otherwise, it’s more stressful than sleeping with a time bomb), I just function better when I’m ready to rip my own hair out I guess?

Found time somewhere in between to watch the last segment of Harry Potter.  The movie was more than I had hoped for, because to be honest, I’ve been so disappointed with most of the HP movies that I didn’t expect much.  But it was brilliant, and I pretty much teared up every 5 minutes started from scene one when they showed Harry Potter sitting beside Dobby’s grave.  And definately when they did a scene showing Fred and George getting ready to fight and they asked each other if they’re alright. *sniffles* oh Feorge (or would it be Gred?). and SNAPE! *snuffles-sniff-bawls*.  I remember reading the book, and Snape wasn’t as….gentle…about explaining things…and how he’d forced Harry to look him in the eye.  It was an epiphany when I read the book. It just hit me in the gut, and then stabbed me a couple of times in the heart…sighs. Poor Snape.  And I won’t ruin it for you, but Harry and Dumbledore actually had my favourite conversation in the book (Dumbledore has said something in pretty much every book that I’ve really loved lol)

“Tell me one last thing,” said Harry. “Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?”
“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

It made my day. I live by that line, just in case you wonder why I’m strange sometimes.

I had asked before, whether you would just reach out and take what’s given to you, or try to attain something that’s pretty much unattainable?

I’ve chosen to reach…but for the unattainable.  Why? Well…the title says it all. Since I am stupid, might as well enjoy the song and one of my fave BOF scenes. Sighs, JiHoo….

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