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1st Shop of Coffee Prince – “So let’s go….”

Another series done~

This one was #4 on mysoju.com’s all time fave list.  Also recommended by Yoonhee…so I had to watch.  When I posted on my facebook that I was about to watch this one, I got lots of comments on how it’s a classic.  Now I see why.  It’s definitely one I would go back and re-watch, and considering purchasing a copy for myself lol.

+ Summary +
Go Eun Chan is a happy go lucky girl who has the [mis]fortune of looking like a guy.  Because her father passed away and she is the eldest child, she took it upon herself to provide for her mom and younger sister…and it seemed easier for her to do it as a guy than a girl.

In the meantime, Choi Han Gyul is back in Korea as ordered by his grandma….and he re-enters this minor love triangle that involves his cousin, Choi Han Seong, and a girl that he’s had a crush on for the past 9 years, Han Yoo Joo.

Han Gyul runs into Eun Chan one day during an attempted robbery, and because he thought she was a guy, he ends up hiring her as a pretend lover to fend off the match making attempts that his grandma has been forcing on him.  His grandma eventually decides that in order for him to return to New York, he must take an old run down coffee shop, and triple its earnings.  Eun Chan begs him to hire her as one of the “prince” waiters that will work there.

On the side, Eun Chan managed to meet and befriend Han Seong and his dog.  She develops a crush on him, then finds out that the story he told her of the love triangle of Mr A, Miss B and Mr C was actually himself, Yoo Joo and Han Kyul.

Back at work, Han Gyul finds himself becoming attracted to Eun Chan and is worried about his sexuality.  Eun Chan also falls in love with him, but cannot find the courage to tell him that she’s actually a girl  Lots of miscommunication and arguing later…Han Gyul decides that his love for Eun Chan is more important than what other people might think….

+ Cast +

Go Eun Chan – played by Yoon Eun Hye.  Hands down the reason why this series was so interesting.  I hear she’s a singer turned actress…and I’ve got to say whoever cast her in whatever got her to move into acting needs a raise.  She’s a natural.

Choi Han Gyul – played by Gong Yoo.  Funny character.  Reminds me of Hyun Bin’s Kim Joo Won sometimes.  Especially the moments where he’s so clueless.  I think you sort of get to see him grow as an actor through the movie.  At the beginning, the character was sort of weak, but you do see the transformation as Han Gyul figures himself out, and as Gong Yoo settles into the character.  A very believable sort of character… I really enjoyed watching him. There hasn’t been any series with Gong Yoo since Coffee Prince because he had to go for his manadatory army training…seems like he had a pretty simple role in that training which was sort of disappointing after HyunBin got enlisted.  But that’s ok!  Welcome back~ Looking forward to more series from Gong Yoo.

Choi Han Seong – played by Lee Sun Gyun. Can’t blame Eun Chan, I had a crush on this character too.  He’s silly… but caring. Lee Sun Gyun was able to portray the thoughtfulness and care that Han Seong had for Eun Chan…something that he sometimes lacked when it came to his girlfriend Yoo Joo.  Which made it interesting for me, because knowing that Han Seong and Yoo Joo were going to remain a couple even through all the fighting and break ups…. it made me wonder…why?  Why does he stay with this girl who brings out the worst in him when he’s such a lovely person.  I still think that he and Eun Chan would’ve been lovely together 🙂  plus he has the cutest fluffiest dog ever.  Poor thing must’ve been dying in the heat in Korea.

Han Yoo Joo – as played by Chae Jung Ahn.  She’s so pretty.  That’s my first and last impression.  As a character, Yoo Joo was so mellow, it’s hard to say anything.  She’s so mellow sometimes it comes across as boring.  She’s got style. And I love her hair.  But I’ve nothing else to say.

The coffee princes:
Hwang Min Yeop – Lee Un + No Sun Ki – Kim Jae Wook + Jin Ha Rim – Kim Dong Wook.  These guys are hilarious.  Bravo once again on the casting.  Seriously these Korean casting crews are top notch.  There is so much character in these characters that it’s hard to remember it’s only a drama.  I really wish I could work with these three characters lol.  Work would be so much fun.  It shocked me to the bone when I read that Lee Un had actually passed away due to a motorcycle accident in 2008.  It’s such a shame because he seemed like such a great person in all the interviews from Coffee Prince.  Read Gong Yoo’s goodbye…made me so sad.  I also hear that Kim Jae Wook has recently been enlisted in the army.  Be safe and stay healthy~

All in all:

Storyline: 10/10 – it was super fun!  I really enjoyed the story, even though it’s again an old idea.
Cloths: 6/10 – aside from Han Gyul and Yoo Joo, everyone else looked very civilian lol. Nothing special…
Scenic: 9/10 – Han Gyul and Han Seong had some pretty fantastic views from their houses.  Loved the design of Han Gyul’s house…and the front porch.  Loved Han Seong’s area…holy greenery.
Hotties: 8/10 – Gong Yoo is pretty cute and did grow on me. Lee Sun Gyun is very lovable, Yoon Eun Hye is cute…but no one really caught my eye in this one.
Teary moments: 5/10 – surprisingly, I teared up in quite a few places.  Nothing Secret Garden heart wrench worth…but I was surprised.

Overall: I think 10/10.  Loved it.  Will definitely go back to it in the future.

….as far as we can go.” – Choi Han Gyul.


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