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a gift.

i’ve always laughed and rolled my eyes when my colleagues and other branch managers comment on the fact that i’m always happy. so why not ask echo to do something, cuz she’ll do it…with a smile…

then i wondered if seeming happy all the time is a blessing or a curse for myself? cuz it seems to always be me who gets cheated out of something lol. cuz i’m happy anyway, right?

then i wondered if seeming happy all the time is a blessing or a curse for everyone else. beneath that smile, am i really smiling?

then last night, when i cracked open my can of coca cola…i saw something that made me realise…this happy, it’s really a gift, isn’t it? real or otherwise, to be able to put on a happy face and to spread the happy face…it’s a gift.

the can had said “Open Happiness”.
how many people can just open happiness?


in other news…i was watching a travel show that went into North Korea. crazy man. the whole show pretty much showed how n.korea is so…iono. i like how they lie to themselves. lol forget the rest of us in the world. but it really is interesting how they completely lie to themselves.   but the best part was when the guy was filming from his hotel room, and there were two groups of little kids in the courtyard…one group of little kids were collecting dried sticks so they could bring it home to start a fire for food…and the other group of kids were wearing new clothes and playing with new toy guns…the guide had said:

when i came in to north korea, they showed me the best that this country has to offer.  but when they told me that everyone is equal here, someone forgot to tell me that there are some who are more equal than others.


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