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Going Home

Highschool English was always one of my favourite classes – it allowed me to enter all sorts of different worlds, just by opening a book….it allowed me to look inside myself and find my own imaginary world, on which I built the foundations for a lot of who I am today.  One of the things that came out from English class was a very cliched “Home is where your heart is”.

I no longer remember what we were reading and dissecting that day – I just remember writing a very long essay that I didn’t have to write, on the continuous question for myself…Where is Home?

Home is where the heart is.

Would home then be here in Vancouver where my parents are? Or would home be in Hong Kong, where my grandma is.

I miss my grandma terribly when I am not in Hong Kong. So when my world here came crashing down, my family sent me back home to Hong Kong to heal.  Yet in those 3 months I was there, my heart missed my parents in Canada.  So I came back.  Only to miss Hong Kong all over again.

Each time I land in HK, and the bus is just about to enter the city.  Just as soon as I see the lights of Central light up in front of me – my heart says “I am home”.  Yet every time I leave YVR and take in a deep breath of air, my heart again says “I am home”.

Back and forth, I continue to wonder where my heart is…where is my home?

A few years ago, I discovered the beauty that is Korea.  Not quite fully developed, even within the bustling city of Seoul, Korea offered to me a little bit of the best of my two worlds.  Seoul is a busy city – there are lots of people, lots of traffic, world class transportation and metro systems, shopping and food everywhere you turn.  Yet, if I took a deep breath, there was the fresh air…and there was that space I so dearly need.

So now, I have added a 3rd home to my life – Korea.

Over the years I have also grown to understand that having more than one place where I love, and am loved, to call home is a blessing.

I just returned from my two homes on one side of the Pacific – and will be returning there in a month.  After this trip…I wonder when life will take me back to Seoul?

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