I was recently chatting with an old friend because she was once again pulled back into the depression that comes along with a bad break up.  Simply put, she is unable to let go of her ex, even though from a third party point of view, this guy is pretty highly ranked in the world of douchebags.  She spoke with me probably because not many people are awake at 2am…and possibly because she watched me go through the same thing a while back.  Having gotten past it, you look back and you wonder why you even bothered wasting time on such a person…and why you wasted the effort in being sad.   People ask you if you regret having spent so many years with this one person who didn’t treasure you… and when you can honestly say Yeah, I do….then you know 1) you’re definitely over it and 2) you must’ve been drugged. Just kidding 😛

But to be frank, I do regret having wasted my time and my tears….but on the bright side, it did teach me that it’s the little things in life that makes life life.  When the person you trust most leaves you behind, then every day is a struggle until you find your feet. For me, it opened my eyes to all the things worth living for…and how little right I have to cry these tears where there are millions of little kids out there who actually have nothing and still they live.  So I smile and make my life one that is worth living.

When I told my friend that, she told me that I was stronger than she is.  Which…I don’t think it’s true.  I’m just lazier…and being lazy, I don’t want to waste effort on something totally not worth my time. Namely being sad. It takes effort, you know…laughing is much easier.

I found this video today (Because of my recently gained obsession on 2PM). Nichkhun’s got it pretty much the way I see it…

Struggles make my heart beat, because I know they make me stronger.  That’s why I’ll never give up, that’s why I’m not afraid to fail.  Today I face another obstacle…and so my heart starts beating….again.

…are just another part of life.


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March 20, 2012 · 6:58 am

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