Holy, it’s been MONTHS~!
I didn’t even realise it.  Or maybe I did but I really had nothing to write about.

What I also didn’t realise was that I never wrote about Dong Yi, did I?  I actually haven’t really watched anything else for the past 2 months haha.  Just Dong Yi, over and over and over again.  Yes, it’s long, and yes I watched it all….in full….twice…certain parts of it COUNTLESS times.  I promise to write a review to do it justice later.

Real life has gotten me all tangled up.  I can’t even call it a roller coaster anymore, because the ups and downs are predictable and it doesn’t roll to a stop at the end.  It’s just a big fat mess.

Every year at the end of the year I do a year in review.  I actually tried to type that up here at the beginning of Dec ’01, but stopped because I wasn’t quite sure what I accomplished in 2011.  Then I sorted through iPhoto and realised I did a heck of a lot last year…probably more than any other year before that.  THEN effing life caught up and stabbed me in the heart a couple of times and I didn’t have the energy to think.  But all in all I guess 27 was decent to me…it certainly tried really hard to show me that goodbyes aren’t forever.

The year started out a blur… to be stood up again and again with someone I just learned to trust. So I had to learn to let it go.  Then came a flash flood of “firsts”: first time “captaining” a softball team (or co-captaining it lol considering I don’t actually play ball lol) for BC Children’s Hospital Superheroes tournament; first time at a destination wedding (in Mexico! with a group of 40+ people! ENDLESS TEQUILA!!!! oh heaven!), which also came with my first time at a real beach (MEXICO!!! lol), first bikini, first hammock, first snorkel trip, first whale shark, etcetc; then one week after I returned from Mexico was HK for my first time as a maid of honour (congrats ta!)….then came home to a bunch of other randomness.

While my summer was full of adventure, hidden just beneath the mask I wear were heart break after heart break.  Goodbye after goodbye.  fml.  the day after the softball tournament, my wonderful manager called me and told me he was going to be leaving. Not just leaving my branch, but leaving my bank all together.  Just like that.  I was in the process of telling him about my double RBI….JesusChrist.  I cried all the way home.  and for pretty much to Mexico, and then back…especially when the onslaught of questions came because people wanted to know where my boss went.  Then I cried all the way to Hong Kong because I KNEW J would leave…and then B would leave.  My manager asked me once what made me go to work…those three guys made me want to go in to work every morning.

In the process, I found shelter with D.  When I couldn’t stand to be at the branch anymore because I couldn’t stand the questions, I couldn’t stand having lunch with two guys that were like ticking time bombs, about to blow my life apart.  D took me out to lunch and listened…and played games with me on his iPhone lol.  With him, I found safety…sanity…and while we laughed, my heart missed a couple of beats.

Summer was spent at work, and on the baseball field.  Who knew I would end up finding peace and enjoyment at a local park watching a bunch of people i didn’t even know (or understand a word they said) play baseball?

The goodbyes came, unavoidably.  But they also showed me that it’s not really goodbye if you made sure it wasn’t.  Since, we’ve met up for drinks and dinner, and even managed a weekend trip that would’ve been impossible had we been at the same branch still.  I miss them still…dearly…every morning when I walk in to work.  I wish I had the same sense of safety as when they were there…knowing someone would have my back, no matter what.

Fall came and went….then came the Christmas season.  I can’t say it was one I really want to remember.  Especially our work Christmas party…it broke my heart…but still…while on one had he held the knife which stabbed me over and over, he also managed to make me smile again.

2011 forced me to stand on my own…. how I wish I wasn’t.

the best of the best.

In a very brief nutshell…those were the main highlights of 2011.  Not that anyone cares.  I’ll be back with Dong Yi….and the new one that I’m watching: The Moon that Embraces the Sun.  Loving that one so far too.  They’re only on episode 6 in Korea, so it’ll be a while 🙂


…off the face of the earth.


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