Scent of a Woman – the Korean version

I actually finished this a while ago.  Scent of a Woman is one of the newer romcoms to come on tv…and as enjoyable as it was to watch, I find myself struggling to write about it.  The plot is pretty straight forward kdrama.  Girl lives simple life, gets picked on by everyone…find out she has cancer so quits her job and does her own thing.   While doing her own thing she meets the man of her dreams, who’s rich but has obligations because of it, including the obligation to be married to some rich man’s rich daughter….the daughter is of course a giant b***h (as mentioned in the previous post, this one is certified 110% psychotic)…. and while being a patient re-encounters a man who’s been in love with her for like 20 years.

and touches a zillion lives while she is sick.

The female lead was played by Kim Sun Ah…who lost too many pounds to play the cancer patient.  She is the only reason I kept watching this series.  She played Kim Sam Soon opposite Hyun Bin years ago and I was so impressed then…I’m still super impressed with her acting now!

The male lead (that’d be the rich man of her dreams) was played by Lee Dong Wook, who is seriously not my cup of tea.  He reminds me of James Franco.  80% sleeping in every scene…and can’t act. and isn’t hot.  Maybe I’m just biased because at the very beginning when he stepped out of his beaut of a car, and turned around….i expected HyunBin’s face lol. oh what a disappointment.

The psychotic woman was played by Seo Hyo Rim….who…isn’t…pretty. At all.  her face looks like the Cheshire Cat.  and that…blob….of…hair…what the heck was that?!  It looked like she didn’t quite know what to do with it either.

and finally the doctor who she SHOULD’VE picked cuz he actually looks ok and can act was played by Uhm Ki Joon.  He was actually pretty good. Very geeky look lol. I quite liked it.  Then again I always fall for the one who looses out. Unless he looses out to Binnie..then well yeah sorry man.

Seriously nothing to say. So I’ll just rate it:

Storyline: 5/10 – overused plot…
Cloths: 5/10 – Seo Hyo Rim had some impressive outfits…other than that…zzz…
Scenic: 9/10 – I’ve yet to come across a present day kdrama series that doesn’t have good scenery
Hotties: 1/10 – the 1 is for Kim Sun Ah.  The rest of them? not my cup of anything
Teary moments: 7/10 – I cried my eyes out when Kim Sun Ah’s room mate died.  She was like sunshine.

Overall: 6/10 – I enjoyed it….finished it in 4 days…but again, only because Kim Sun Ah was great.  I don’t think this would be a series I’d go back to, unless I seriously had NOTHING to do.


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