If you don’t want to get hurt…

good luck with that one.  If anyone’s figured out how to live a full life and not get hurt, please do let me know.

Today’s the last day of August.  It’s been a summer filled to the brim with adventures and firsts – I’m trying very hard to live life.

Mexico was pretty much a week full of firsts: first time to Mexico, first time to go to the airport at 4am, first all nighter since BCIT, first beach, first bikini, first all inclusive, first HAMMOCK (oh loves!), first time running around in a tropical storm at 2am drunk out of my mind, first snorkel, first scuba, first CLIFF JUMP!, first cenote, first time at Chichen Itza (it’s a chicken?), first beach wedding! first whale shark, first Isle of Coco, first sunburn (!), first so many everything~

HK was actually quite adventurous too actually, which is strange because I go back on an annual basis.  It’s like taxes…I’ll be there. 😉  First time as maid of honour (Rita, I love you~), first wedding speech (ohmygad), first spa in HK, first time in SheungWan during a freak storm which flooded every freakin intersection, first time (x 6) to Elements and the Sky100 + Ritz Carlton, first time inside Peninsula, first time I met with Daniel, Tim, BenG and ChiChi in HK, first time I got along with the cat I don’t like….etc.  Happy I got to share my birthday with my Gramma!  and Ta!! Even though these yearly trips are now pretty much a must, it’s always felt like I’m going home.  I’m thankful that I can feel that way…thankful of all the love that is still there waiting for me.

Oh…hit my first, and prabably last, double this summer for softball.
First time I’ve gone to watch baseball…first time I’ve enjoyed baseball. I’m in denial…caught my dad watching MLB the other day…he raised his eyebrow at me when I walked by and laughed at me. -_-”

First time I’ve gotten so completely hooked on Korean dramas. O_o sighs.

But as adventurous and first time worthy as summer 2011 was for me…. underneath it all, I just wished I could’ve been there for you…. miss you lots, baby girl.  Hope you’re doing ok.

And as September closes in, Greenday once again rolls through my mind:  Wake me up when September ends.

13 days.  In 13 days it’d be 10 years. Grampa, I miss your smile.

…Don’t fall in love.

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