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Went to watch the final game of the season for Daniel and his team today (well yesterday.)….it was really muggy…and I was for some reason not well from a night of migrating and drinking.  Albeit the really weak G&T’s at Society.  I never knew someone could get something so simple so wrong.

Either way….the Stealers won the final, so they are league champions! Yay! It was an exciting game, actually.  The other team was really good, especially the pitcher.  But as I said, Dan’s team was better 😉  So excited I was stressed out lol.  Especially with the two 3rd base steals…one attempt and fail, one successful….that the guys did. O_O!!! My heart~!  Good hangover cure lol.

So…now what do I do to entertain myself on sundays? Hrms.

I’m still in denial of the fact that I find baseball entertaining. The last time I found baseball entertaining was when the Jays won the world series.  Which was … what 1993? lol.

…yay for winning the finals!!!! instead of champagne, I’m good with soju! ganbae~

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