Those were the days…

That’s the line that’s been going through my head today.  I’m not quite certain why.

Today should’ve been a very good day. It’s always nice to share some time with someone you like sharing time with.  Throw in a couple of laughs and maybe a quality conversation or two…it should’ve been a great sort of day.

I had that today. So why aren’t I content?

It’s almost as if something were missing. Food perhaps, cuz I had a total of half a bagel and 2 large coffees for breakfast lunch and dinner?

Can’t be. I’m used to that.

A hug? Probably.  What would it be like, I wonder….
I do like my hugs.

Or maybe just people.  It’s been a month and a half now.  I miss Stan dearly.

I look forward to this sunday.  I hope it’ll bring me as much peace as it did last time I went to watch a baseball game.  I’m the only one who watches competitive sport to find peace. lol.

….Those were the days.


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