Let’s love like we’ve never been hurt before

Currently watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

The only reason I started watching was because Hyun Bin was in it and he won some awards for his role….so I figure it can’t be that bad.  It’s a little loud and annoying some times for my taste.  I prefer my characters to talk softly most of the time. lol.  But that’s the good thing about non-tv drama watching…FF it all the annoying parts 😉 and all the characters I don’t want to see.

This one is about HyunBin as a rich restaurant owner….of course.  Can that face be anything less than rich and almighty? And a wonderful girl who doesn’t fit into the category of cute, hot, beautiful, unique or anything like that.  They of course like ecah other and of course everyone in the world is somehow standing in their way.

Sometimes I feel like her….boring, chubby, can’t be considered elegant really, doing my own thing on my own.  But she’s one heck of a character.  HyunBin’s character said to her that she’s attractive because she doesn’t realise how attractive she is. If only those kinds of things happen in real life. *sad smile*

Actually, I’d like to watch one where he’s the struggling to make ends meet guy.  I don’t think that series has been written yet.  We’ll have to wait for at least 2013 for his triumphant return from the SKorean Marine Corps in Dec 2012.

Tonight’s quote from the movie comes from a scene where the girl sees a billboard at the bus station that tells people to love like they’ve never been hurt before…to dance like no one’s watching…to sing like no one’s listening…to live today as if tomorrow is the end…

To be honest, I’d like to be like that too.  Pretend that I’ve never been hurt before, as I want to seriously love one more time. But since the ending has come like this, I’d really like to change the article.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, then don’t fall in love. “

I didn’t realise that when I posted, I was just finishing up the last episode lol.  I should’ve done the post on Secret Garden first because I actually watched that before KimSamSoon.

Not much more to the synopsis.  Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam Soon who’s a great pastry maker…hates her name (I still don’t know who SamShik is but yeah) and winds up working for Kim JinHun (Hyun Bin) the son of a hotelier family who decided to open his own restaurant instead.  JinHun’s mom continually tries to set him up with all these girls in hopes that he can finally let go of his old gf who ran away from him at a time where he needed her most (after a car accident that left his brother and sister in law dead and JinHun in need of major repairs).  Girl comes back…guy who loves her from when she was in the States follows….HeeJin (ironically that’s the name Sam Soon really wanted to have) and JinHun gets back together.  etcetc.

It was a fairly predictable cheesy sort of drama.  But again, HyunBin worked his magic on it…ditto with Kim SunAh.  I think they had amazing chemistry.  The little girl who plays JinHun’s niece…she was A-MA-ZING. Seriously.  I loved the little girl and the interaction between her and HyunBin.

Storyline: 10/10 – actually it was quite refreshing.

Cloths: 6/10 – okay, I understand that this was a 2005 drama and I totally didn’t follow the trends in 2005. I’ll overlook the bell bottom dress pants. But uh…why is HyunBin’s character forever wearing neon coloured dress shirts. O_o
Scenic: 7/10 – they climbed Hallyu Mountain in a storm.  But the house that HeeJin and Henry were at was pretty neat.
Hotties: 10/10 – HyunBin plus Daniel Henney? DONE!
Teary moments: 1/10 – only in the part I mentioned above.  Which wasn’t really a sob fest…just a tear up.

Overall: 9/10.  Loved HyunBin of course.  Loved Kim SunAh. the other girl was sort of….just go away. lol


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