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my own brand of happy.

i met up with two old friends today. seems like this trip has been full of hello’s.  i rather enjoy that, i think. there’s nothing quite so…happifying…as a hug and hello from people that you’ve managed to keep in touch with over the years.  it’s always a pleasant surprise to me, especially in the age of cyber everything. to meet up with someone for a coffee.

especially someone you’ve never really actually hung out with…for them to take the time to come out to see you. and then wish you a happy birthday.

it’s hard not to be happy when life is so full of love.


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not ready for reality

it’s my birthday tomorrow.

i’m celebrating with Rita for the first time in half a decade plus. 
was originally going to celebrate with kathy also in like half a decade.

why are my two best so bloody far away?! roar.

i miss vancouver.

but i also miss hong kong already.

p.s. would you go for what’s within reach, or reach for the unattainable?

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