Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

(side note)

Apparently if you only sleep an average of 4 hours in a span of one week, add in 13 hours of plane riding, and then 30C+ weather….body shuts down. =P I literally passed out on the sofa as soon as I stepped into the house.  Not unlike being drunk…not entirely a bad sort of feeling.

Plane ride was uneventful…did some detours in midair to avoid nasty weather and northeren Japan (gah).  Did lots and lots of thinking. (I really shouldn’t. But I really do miss you.)

Today? Went shopping. (Of course). Bought stuff (Of course).

Fell asleep on my aunt’s living room floor (the cat nimbly stepped over me to get to his bed).

I didn’t feel like coming home this time.  It makes me so sad (where’s home NOW?!)

Just really tired. (Will you hold me while I sleep?)


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