Crap, I blinked….

…too many times for it to be mid June already.

So. I don’t even know what I’ve done in the past 4 months really. Gotta check my calendar and planner.


[+] getting to go to Canucks Playoffs round 1 game 7 where Burr scored that OT game winner and I screamed til I lost my voice.
[+] watching the Canucks go all the way to the Stanley Cup finals….and perhaps bringing the cup home with them tonight from Boston. 🙂
[+] shopping trips to the states to get prep’d for Mexico 2011!
[+] softball season! practice every sunday made me feel active. lol and the tournament rocked my world.
[+] first time on a beach! in a bikini! actually had to get used to feeling so scandalous lol
[+] Mexico. It’ll have its own post eventually, I’m sure 😉

the lowlights:
[-] watching the Nucks lose twice in Mexico. *sad face
[-] having to leave work in a pinch when i left for Mexico (yes, I felt bad for leaving on vacation. that’s a first)

and the ugly:
[=] the reason for the pinch at work was Stan leaving us for CoastCapital with a 2 day notice. which led to me bursting into tears in front of my area manager when he came over to congratulate me on a great softball game. lol aw man I felt so bad. now i dread going back to work because it’s just not the same without Stan.
[=] coming home.


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