There’s just so many of them in life that it confuzzles me once every so often.

“Come on guys, green means what? Green means go!” (from Twilight…).  But then sometimes, yellow also means gogogo and even red have meant “hey let’s go for it because it’s 3am and there are no cars on the road”.  It angers me when I see this, because it’s effing dangerous. Besides, if I have to stop, if the rest of the world needs to stop at a red, then buddy, you better stop.

Then there are stop signs that is just a signal to slow down to some people.

Of course, these are the simple ones in life – you’re taught it.  Smell rotten egg in the house, run. Alarm clock screaming, get up! Snowing outside, sighs. lol

But right now, I’m just confuzzed because sometimes, signals you receive are confuzzling. When emotions are put in play, everything just confuses itself.  But it makes my heart skip a beat when it happens…and it hasn’t happened for a good 3 years.  So, perhaps it’s all just another adventure. 🙂

p.s. if he plays that guitar…I’m a goner.



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