2010 in Review

2009 was a beginning, but 2010 was definately my year to shine.  The process began a long time ago…little bricks on top of each other…slowly building…

2010 was definately a year of adventure and self discovery…more importantly it was a year of the best decisions ever!

So many new friendships…Nat and Carie, Tiff…new coworkers…Megan..T…

Movies of 2010 definately caught my interest: Valentine’s Day, Remember Me (mm mm Rob), Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, Eclipse (what did Echo do on her bday? line up for the midnight showing, of course!), Harry Potter 7 part 1 (oh Dobby)…Inception…

Concerts GALORE! My first ever heavy metal concert (Tool….blazers unite…not the clothing kind).  Michael Buble came to Vancouver and convinced me to by his fan. Backstreet Boys came and I went…screamed like a 13 year old fan girl until I lost my voice…and then screamed some more.

Travelling!  My first time on a plane with friends…to Vegas no less.  Then some shorter trips…Victoria and Seattle (my first time in Bellevue!)…Whistler (first summer trip there)…It was great.

New job.  I still hate morning, but I look forward to going to work. Because I love my new cowokers.  I love my two CSR’s to bits….best decision ever.

2010 SMURF!  Years of waiting, anticipating, preparing…holyeff it was HERE.  IN MY CITY!!! Thank you, World for the best time a girl could have. 2 weeks of partying…2 weeks of smiles, cheers, PRIDE. Virtue and Moir ❤ and yes, the gold medal for BOTH men’s and women’s ice hockey for us, thank you very much.  Scream and cry. Both were uncontrollable at that moment.

That about sums in up in a nutshell!

A year later…I’m still very much in love with Rob Pattinson 😉


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