Food for thought…part I

I’ve recently transferred branches within the bank, and now am working out of the Lonsdale Quay area in North Vancouver. The branch is still being set up, so the whole team have had the luxury of wining and dining together as a group during lunch hours. In the past week and a half, I’ve tried so many new places I think I need to share.

.1. Screaming Mimi’s

Screaming Mimi's @ Lonsdale Quay

Located right inside the Lonsdale Quay, you’ll find the best fresh oysters, clams, and mussels ever.  Screaming Mimi’s has a daily selection of fresh shellfish that they will steam on the spot when you make the purchase, as well as a deli bar with the most delicious choice of seafood creations.  Try their battered and fried oysters, it’s honestly a taste of heaven.  A pound of steamed mussels and/or clams comes to around $5 Cad (it fits one of those large square styrofoam take out boxes…pretty decent!)

.2.  East Side Mario’s

East Side Mario's @ Lonsdale Quay

On the second floor of the Lonsdale Quay, you’ll find East Side Mario’s.  A family style restaurant with all you can eat garlic bread and salad to go with your entrée, you might find yourself making two meals out of one.  I ordered the seafood linguine here, and it was superb.  Prices were decent, but nothing special to report.  It’s just another pasta place.  If you are ever in the Quay area, I would suggest a more adventurous meal…perhaps check out the restaurants outside of the Quay on the streets!

.3. The Cheshire Cheese

Falling way short of spectacular, I won’t even bother with a picture for this.  The Cheshire Cheese is located right beside East Side Mario’s on the second floor of Lonsdale Quay (yes, we’re always at the Quay…an hour of lunch only allows for so far of a walk).  They serve a variety of English style pub foods, and while the food everyone ordered were decent, the service really really really needs improvement.  It seems to be catered to the elderly clientele, or for those with no time constraints.  It took a good 45 minutes for our food to arrive, so we were all scarfing it down to make it back to work in time for a meeting.  If you are craving some hearty English fare (fish and chips are their claim to fame…but the fish and chips stand in the food court is cheaper…and better in my opinion), and don’t feel like wandering away from the Quay, go up to the Cheshire Cheese.

.4. Anatoli Souvlaki

Great Greek food located on Lonsdale Avenue just around the corner from the Quay.  The place looks TINY from the outside, but like a clown car, it has no ends.  Service was good, food was great.  With Greek, I find that most places are just satisfying, but the food here was a step above.  I’m a moussaka girl, and most of the time, I find it too rich for my likes.  Anatoli makes it just right.  My colleague tried the lamb souvlaki and said he’ll definitely get that again.  Recommended if you’re looking for Greek in the area.

.5. Marinaside Grill

Fantastic little hideaway under the second narrows bridge, this place also has a famous fish and chips.  I am a very picky fish and chips person, and I think I have to say that Pajo’s is still the best.  The inside was very dim, pub like, on one side, and a more fine dining look on the other.  I was quite confused when I stepped inside, thinking they were two seperate restaurants.  Service was ok, beer was great.  The menu had HUGE selection, so I think I might have to go back and re-review this one.

.6.  West of Them Java Coffee House

I stop in here every morning for a nice cup of coffee. The stuff here makes Tim Horton’s taste like coloured water.  It’s on 1st Avenue just off Lonsdale.  Go in and say hi, and try one of their banana chocolate chip loafs.  MMmm.

.7.  Cafe for Contemporary Art

This place is a fantastic find.  It’s actually just half a block from my work, and it’s got STYLE.  The owner is super friendly, and the staff are really helpful.  My manager claims they have the best pannini’s, so I’ll have to go in for food one day.  So far, their tea choices have more than satisfied my afternoon tea cravings.


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